NEW VIDEO (about hooks)

13 0 05 Jul 2018

I just cut this new video and it’s all about headlines.

It’s about how to get an amazing HOOK in your headlines, even if you’re not an experienced copy writer.

Sh*t results and making no money….

13 0 20 Jun 2018

I must be honest with you guys reading this...

I was struggling for years to build websites online...

In the last few years I have built up many income generating websites, and the tool that changed it all for me was wordpress.

I am an action taker and I was doing all the right things but still ending up with sleepless nights over and over...

Sh*t results and making no money....

That was until my friend Vivek helped me to understand the power of wordpress.

It's just amazing the skills I was learning from one of the best online marketers in the world, now everything has changed for me and the cool thing is, the skills will stay with me for life...

If you're in the situation I was, comment below and send me a PM, I will be happy to help you out!

Alternatively if you want to get access to Vivek's new software then click the link here

[WTF] What The Funnel LIVE – Episode #1

8 0 16 Jul 2017

It is finally here after so many issues and stress with my broadband speed with BT (another long story) we managed to get the very 1st [WTF] What The Funnel Live Wednesday Webinar going.

Watch it below but you won't believe what happened.

Make sure you tune in weekly for the [WTF] What The Funnel Live Wednesday Webinar below

99 lessons from Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery 2017

12 0 28 Jun 2017

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After an amazing UPW event in London at the end of April with my wife we decided we needed to take Funnels Qualified to the next level and booked Business Mastery in Amsterdam.

I should have gone to one of his live events ten years ago. I have learnt so much from the Business Mastery event and I know it will take me 6 months to implement everything, how to do business, how to handle challenges, negotiation tips & tricks, mentality, spiritual strength, and lots, lots more.

In recent years, Tony Robbins, let’s call him a life coach and a motivational speaker, has conducted in-depth interviews with 50 self-made billionaires, and asked them about magic formulas for business success. In this program, he shared the commonalities and lessons.

In this blog post, I want to share with you 99 lessons, tips, tricks, and tactics of the 5 days of intensive training.

Enjoy, learn, and pass them on!

  1. We are gladiators! 80 percent of businesses no longer exist after 5 years. And after 10 years, 96 percent have disappeared. If you start a business, you step into the arena and you’re a gladiator!
  2. A total of 5% of businesses reach a turnover of 1 million or more. Only 0.4% of businesses reach 5 million or more. And 0.01% reach a turnover of 10 million or more.
  3. Develop an exit strategy and have it ready. Always! You never know what might happen!
  4. Consider your business an asset. Diversify here too, and never put all your eggs in one basket.
  5. The one with the most flexibility controls the system. This is the story of two monks, one younger and one older monk. They are not allowed to touch a woman. One day, they go for a walk. As they get to a river, they encounter two women who want to cross. They can’t swim. The older monk picks them up and carries them across. They don’t say a word. Half a day later, the younger monk asks: ‘How could you do that?’ It has been on his mind for half a day, and he is frustrated. ‘Are you still thinking about that?’ the older monk asks. ‘I let it go as soon as I put them down. Whereas you have been occupied by it for half a day now…’
  6. Together you’ll go further. Steer your team based on figures and objectives. Not on emotions.
  7. Fall in love with your customer. Not with your product.
  8. Invest in your business, in your savings account, and in shares (index funds long term, rarely does anyone beat the market by themselves, and if you trade yourself you pay a lot of commission and time).
  9. Improve by a few percentage points in all areas of the funnel process, and you’ll soon double your revenue.
  10. Figures and measurements are the key to optimisation. Play like Michael Jordan does, and continually measure your performance, or go play somewhere else.
  1. Lower your costs by 10 percent: your profits will soon double.
  2. Love Numbers. Love spreadsheets. They love you. You love them.
  3. Be a business owner, not an operator! Set your own targets and figures. Ask the team how they are going to get there.
  4. Beliefs and limiting beliefs. Use the following three-stage-rocket in question form to tear down limiting beliefs. Question #1 Is that really true? Create doubt. Question #2 What would it be like if you didn’t have it? How would it feel? Question #3 What would it be like if this new thing were no longer there? Then, people make a choice. Often they choose the newer and better situation. And then it “lights up like a Christmas tree” 🙂
  5. Ask the team questions, don’t give them answers. As a leader, you only set goals.
  6. Remain in a beautiful state. Solve problems systematically, not ad hock. Find the problem in your company’s value chain. Everyone is responsible for this value chain together, and therefore for the brand.
  7. Organize mutual obligations in your company. This applies to everyone.
  8. Call! Pay a visit! Mail and SMS suck as means of communication. And when you pay someone a visit, make sure you have a good question and a good story: don’t sell nonsense, and be well prepared.
  9. Add perceived value for your customer. Like a small note on your wife’s pillow that says “I love you”, it can be of great value. It’s quick and inexpensive. Show you care!
  10. Always exceed you customers’ expectations.
  11. Add extreme value, more than anyone else.
  12. Money-back guarantee!
  13. What business are you in: immediately explain the benefits. For example: “Funnels Qualified help businesses build a hungry list of customers and then help them build amazing relationships and add huge value, fall in Love with your customers and not your business”.
  14. Ask yourself: What is your X factor? What benefit to the customer makes your company truly unique?
  15. Create warmth and a connection within your team.
  16. Talk to each team member at least twice a year.
  17. 90 percent of all business in B2B comes from referrals!
  18. Ensure a 20 percent increase in leads. Optimize calls, appointments, conversion, and prices by 5 to 10 percent, and you’ll double your turnover.
  19. Talk about world affairs you both agree on. As a result, you communicate with the same beliefs, which creates understanding and a connection.
  20. How quickly can you change? In a heartbeat!
  21. Conversation with a customer: start with a lot of energy, and finish calmly. Skip the social start (this is a USA tip). Don’t do social talk until after the first 20 minutes. Indicate that you only have an hour at most, and that things are very busy. Increase your status. Also let them know that they are unable to buy now (for example: the waiting list for new customers, like with Ferrari).
  22. Start every change in a beautiful state. Otherwise you will make the wrong choices. The best choices are made in a positive state!
  23. Raise your standards! Not just yours. Your entire team’s, together.
  24. As a leader, it’s about fulfilling the 6 Human Needs and Values of the team and of the customer. These 6 Human Needs are: 1. Certainty. 2. Uncertainty/variation. 3. Being important. 4. Connection and love. 5. Growth. 6. Contribution and giving back to society. Focus on the latter two gives the most satisfaction.
  25. Work from the 7 forces. They are: 1. An effective business map. 2. Constant & strategic innovation. 3. World-class marketing. 4. Sales mastery systems. 5. Financial & Legal Analysis. 6. Optimization. 7. Raving Fans – Customers & Culture. Spend 90 minutes every week on 1 of the 7 forces to optimize together with the team. 8×7 is 49 weeks.
  26. Repetition: Are you currently a business operator? Fuck that! Be a business owner!
  27. Ask yourself: Who is special? You, or your customer? Your customer of course! You’re not!
  28. Everyone is responsible for the company and the brand.
  29. Who is your ideal customer? Work and do everything for your ideal customer! Fire the customers you don’t want.
  30. You’re not the business! A business isn’t YOU!
  31. Organize a strategic referral system for your company. 90 percent of business comes from referrals. It’s cheaper, faster, greater, fun, and creates new referrals.
  32. Do you want an extra 300 percent conversion in B2B? Ask every lead “What triggered you to request something from us?” This will result in a very relevant conversation.
  33. Constantly commit to making your business the best. If you don’t, your competitors will.
  34. Travel outside your comfort zone. Force yourself to look outside your own industry, and study other markets for inspiration.
  35. Know exactly who is best at what in your sales force. And learn from each other.
  36. Most teams are only 20 percent productive. i.e. you could get five times what you currently have.
  37. Hire the best, or develop people to become the best.
  38. Negotiation: prepare yourself (determine your checklist) and determine your desired outcome in advance.
  39. Negotiation in 4 steps: 1. Keep your goal in mind. 2. Look for points of agreement. 3. Be creative. 4. Increase the pie.
  40. Negotiation: create trust. Be nice. And make sure there is a foundation for co-operation with confidence.
  41. Clarify and verify. Always. This applies to everyone in the organization. i.e. mutual obligations at every step of the process.
  42. Know that winter is coming! Be prepared! After winter, there will be spring.
  43. Winter brings the greatest opportunities! Buying cheap. Focus on extreme value for the customer.
  44. Always stay focused on the outcome.
  45. It’s about execution and doing!
  46. Live inside your head and you are dead. Live and work from your heart.
  47. Make the important things urgent. Not the urgent things that are unimportant.
  48. ‘Repetition is the mother of all skills’.
  49. In great companies there is no place for people who don’t want to measure.
  50. Funnel optimisation you do with your entire company, including delivery and customer care.
  51. A 20 percent margin is the minimum to be truly healthy as a company.
  52. Focus on 1 thing!
  53. Sell benefits for the customer. Turn it into an experience you can feel.
  54. Know your ideal customer’s desires and fears.
  55. If you always offer 3 options. Double all 3. And ensure you deliver much more value to the customer. Then you’ll have doubled your turnover, and your customer will be much more satisfied.
  1. Ensure that 15 percent of your income is automatically saved, or buy index funds. Preferably 20%.
  2. Repetition: During the first 15 to 20 years, focus on 1 thing. Then, you can broaden your horizon. Concentrate your power!
  3. If you want to become a professional speaker. First pick 1 niche. Continue from there. For me, for example, it’s first: help customers sell much more over the web. Then NLP, family arrangements, meditation, yoga etc.
  4. When it’s winter (bad economy), somewhere in the world it’s summer. Use this to your advantage.
  5. Know more about your client than anyone else.
  6. Create raving fans: Care, every step of the way!
  7. Seek and you will find. Ask the right questions focused on objectives.
  8. Business is about innovation and marketing.
  9. Make sure the Gladiator is always in charge. No Matter What Happens.
  10. Narrow your marketing! Focus on a specific group (your ideal customers) and do this really well!
  11. Spend your marketing budget on your ideal customers.
  12. Add money-back guarantee which reduces the risk for the customer.
  13. At the age of 50-55, sell 50 percent of your company. Allow a younger generation to grow it, so you can sell the other half for much more at the age of 65, instead of selling the entire company at 65 when it has devalued significantly.
  14. Ensure that in principle your customers cannot get what you have. This creates hunger. Think about a waiting list, for example.
  15. Remove 75 percent of your slides from your presentation. Focus, be relevant, and offer benefits to the customer.
  16. Link your presentation to the hero’s journey. Because of these phases, people will recognize the phase they are going through themselves. Successes and setbacks.
  17. During the first 20 minutes of a conversation, people pay the most attention by far.
  18. Always remove objections in advance.
  19. Why aren’t people buying? 1. Risk. 2. Friction. 3. Success (no guarantee for success). 4. Differences between you and everyone else (USPs/competition).
  20. Happy people’s bucket list. 1. Experiences that matter. 2. Leisure time. 3. Mastering skills. 4. Give something back to the world.
  21. Lesson for the CEO: only focus on output. Figures. Targets. Allow the team to grow by being creative in their own way.
  22. Teach and train, train again and again.
  23. Raving fan culture: it’s not just you. It’s the entire team.
  24. REPETITIONIn addition to your business, also invest in shares! Preferably index funds. Diversify. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t do this with your own business either. Spread the risk.
  25. In times of stress or major challenges: overcommunicate.
  26. Always plan “silence” in your agenda. In order to think and not make impulsive choices. This is a tip from Warren Buffett.
  27. CANI attitude: Constant And Never Ending Improvements. Continually improve in small steps.
  28. Live in a beautiful state. Everyone strives for perfection. And this is usually your self-image, too. Only, is the world perfect? Of course not! For example, if you have an idea of what a perfect relationship looks like, you often face a reality that is different. And soon you get frustrated. Your own image and reality do not match. Perfection = imperfection. If you change and accept your self-image, negative emotions and frustrations will disappear like a puff of smoke. Enjoy the imperfection 🙂
  29. Business is a spiritual game. Focus on growth (personal & team) and on giving back to society (contribution). In addition to success, the result will also be satisfaction. Success without satisfaction is terrible.
  30. In addition to your own beautiful state, create a beautiful state corporate culture. Together. A warm environment. Where it’s safe. Connection. Where everyone can be themselves. Where everyone knows the world isn’t perfect.
  31. Should you get frustrated after all, don’t explode. Say ‘interesting…’ and tackle a problem or frustration so systematically that it is resolved forever.
  32. Living in a beautiful state is a choice. Everyone strives to live in beautiful state. And to a large extent we all already do. The question is: “How can you live in a beautiful state even more?” So, go from a score of 8 out of 10 to 8.2 out of 10. What needs to happen to achieve this?
  33. In the end, it’s all about love. Fall in love with your team. Fall in love with your customers. Enjoy the journey. And build a beautiful business 🙂

I highly recommend you attend any and or all of Tony Robbins events, see some of his events here

Mapping Out A New Client Acquisition Funnel

9 0 26 Jun 2017

Time to do some in house updates, so after Business Mastery I am re designing and also planning out a new funnel to help more people.

Watch the video below:

Want to get a Free planning call with me before this new funnel is ready then email me at

Alternatively if you are not ready for us to build one for you then you can grab the amazing ‘Profit Funnel Business‘ for free HERE

Speak soon

Robert Murray








Massive Success. Massive Action.

16 0 22 Jun 2017

I have just arrived back from an amazing 5 days in Amsterdam with 1200 other enthusiastic Business owners at Business Mastery, Tony Robbins knows how to over deliver.


Over five days and nights, Business Mastery will help you understand the critical factors impacting your business right now, then refocus and realign with the business strategy and psychology you need for competing and innovating, in any economy.

It’s no secret that massive results come from massive action. Business Mastery strategically breaks down the innovative approaches used by industry leaders like Apple, Zappos, American Express and Facebook, to help you discover where your business is now and how you can create a map to reach your goals —or your money back!*

Watch now, as Tony breaks down the “7 Forces of Business Mastery,” which are designed to help companies and brands, just like yours, avoid failure by constantly evolving, improving and adding value. Learn how Business Mastery can help you change your psychology and grow your business and your profits to new levels.

Watch the video below


At Business Mastery, you will learn the systematic methods to uncover and resolve every issue not yet tackled by you and your team. By viewing and evaluating your business through Tony’s 7 Forces of Business Mastery, you will be able to prioritize your business’s needs.

Explore how to capture, categorize and sequence your approach to building momentum and maximizing success:

Create an Effective Business Map

The pace of change has accelerated to the point where a business plan is no longer enough to plot the future of your business with any certainty. Disruptive technologies or unexpected competitors can come along and displace your business overnight. How do you position your business in this hyper-competitive environment? Discover the key to creating a Business Map that will allow your business to thrive in any economy.

Constant and Strategic Innovation

Is innovation important? Ask Blockbuster if they saw Netflix coming. Here’s a hard truth: The market will always be searching for something new—and you, not your competitor, must be the one to give it to them. For your innovation to truly be strategic, you must know who your customer is and who they need to be. You must dig in to what they value, what their needs are, as well as what will fulfill them. Only then will you add massive value and turn the profit you need.

World-Class Strategic Marketing

What do clients get from you, and what do they get from your competitor? This is the essence of the client experience, and it’s what differentiates your business. The better you are at shaping that experience, the greater your reach—and your profits. Become a world-class marketer by finding your X-factor at Business Mastery and focusing on value-add marketing. What is an X-factor? It’s a business’s ability to find a way to add intangible value – value that goes beyond what anybody can really measure. It’s the ability to find a way to do more for your clients than absolutely anybody else in your industry and to consistently maintain that standard.

Sales Mastery Systems

In business, sometimes you have to re-think your approaches—even those that have been successful—to create even bigger results. This is especially true in sales, where it’s imperative to have a variety of channels, and superstar sales people. Learn how to find the very best sales people and how to inspire, train, reward and lead them to become a dedicated and powerful sales force.

Financial and Legal Analysis

When you embrace the spirit of Constant and Never-ending Improvement—what Tony calls CANI—you are always making new plans and projections for your business and charting the path forward. But as countless disclaimers state, past performance does not always indicate future results. While strategic innovation is imperative, so too is keen attention to the small details that will determine your levels of profit or loss. Your ability to measure these key indicators and continuously make the right adjustments will determine your levels of success as you grow your business. We all have blind spots. How do you ensure that your business stays financially sound? You can’t just hire a CFO and forget it. Learn the tools to understand and manage your cash, not just your bottom line.

Optimization and Maximisation

How is it possible to realistically grow your business in a way that doesn’t require extra investment in marketing? You get even smarter about how you deploy your resources and you take an existing core process, especially one that’s already been profitable, and execute it more efficiently so that you are continuously evolving your business to the next level of success. Sometimes, the biggest growth opportunities don’t come from new initiatives, but rather from taking the core processes the business is already doing and executing them more effectively. A small improvement made in a few key areas can result in geometric growth to the business as a whole. Learn to optimize your business with a series of micro-improvements that create geometric change.

Create a Raving Fan Culture

The core strategy behind any supreme organization, any company who truly dwarfs their competition and creates massive client loyalty, is to anticipate and meet your clients’ needs in a way that no one else is. The more value you are able to add to your client’s life and experience, the more easily you’ll dominate the marketplace. Learn how to understand, anticipate and consistently fulfill the deepest needs of your clients to create fans who advocate on your behalf.

Bonus – The Psychology of the Business Owner

Skill is a power that allows you to complete a goal, but psychology is the state that empowers you to create and maintain vision. Most people don’t realize that 80% of the time, the chokehold restricting growth around businesses of all sizes is the psychology of the leader.

 Psychology trumps skill.
 As Tony explains, you must break through your individual psychological blocks and shift your focus to tap into what will make you ultimately powerful and a force for achievement in any venture.

Me below with the amazing Keith Cunningham
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, indoor

Business Mastery I will be back, the below image is my notes and Business Map the day after the event.

No automatic alt text available.

Remember Massive Success. Massive Action.

All the best


5 Ways To Funnel Hack Winning Lead Magnets In Your Industry To Build Irresistible Opt In Offers

100 0 07 Jun 2017

Is the content on your blog not producing the leads you expect of it?

Have your lead magnet efforts dried up and aren’t generating opt-ins?

If you’re looking for a bit of a refresh in your opt-in strategy, then these 5 steps should help get you on the right path.

Back in the day (just to make myself feel old) most websites and blogs would have an opt-in box either at the side of the blog or the bottom of the website.

This was enough back then, people landing on your blog or website would willingly subscribe to your newsletter.

While this was best practice back in the day, as ever, strategies started to evolve, and it has now become extremely popular for businesses to create lead magnets to entice opt-ins.

These lead magnets most commonly come in the form of downloadable guides and whitepapers.

Because it has become common practice for businesses to use downloadable guides and whitepapers to generate opt-ins, people have started to grow immune from it.

It is now time to evolve again and look at different ways to opt-ins.

To do this, you can follow 5 simple steps to funnel hack winning lead magnets in your industry.

Here are those 5 steps to create winning lead magnets to build irresistible opt-in offers:

1. Look At The Kindle Marketplace

To create winning lead magnet ideas, you need to understand exactly what it is people really want and not what you think they want or what you want them to know.

Fully understanding what it is your users want will help you improve you’re the opt-in rate.

But how do you find out what your target audience want?

One of the best places to look and one of the most unused places to look is in the Kindle marketplace.

It may sound a little strange right now, but you will soon come to realize why this is such a good place to look.

Go to the Kindle marketplace and browse the category listing for your niche.

Once you have found this, sort the eBooks by top sellers.

You now have a whole list of content ideas that are not only good but are what your target audience is clearly interested in because they have bought it.

You can use these ideas to repurpose your eBook for a funnel hack winning lead magnet.

This is a great tool to use to look for content ideas that very few marketers and businesses are using.

As you can see from the screenshot below, there are plenty of categories and sub-categories, so you are sure to find books that are relevant to your niche.

Image1 (1)

2. Find Out What Your Competitors Sell

Another place you can discover ways to increase your opt-in rate is to look at what your competitors are selling.

While I always say it is important to stay ahead of the competition, it is even more important not to fall behind which is why analysing what they are doing is important.

You specifically want to look at competitors who have the majority share of your target audience.

Browse their website and reviews what products they are selling.

Are there any products that are under $20?

Does that product have some positive reviews?

Is that product mentioned on social channels?

Have a look for a product of theirs that fits all or most of these things and use it or your website but to offer it is a free lead magnet rather a product customers can buy.

For example, a website that sells bicycle has a video guide that they sell for $5 that shows their customers how to do stunts.

You see that it is well received from the comments and social mentions which are a clear sign that this is something your target audience wants.

You can repurpose this to create your video with the difference being you offer it free as a lead magnet.

It doesn’t just have to stop there; you can use different product ideas from competitor websites for your lead magnets and split test which work best.

3. Browse Udemy For Course Ideas

Why do people come to read the content on your blog?

Why do they submit their contact details to download your eBook?

Because they want information and learn about what you know.

Think of your lead magnets as offering your target audience mini-courses on something you are an expert in.

What you might not know is that online are becoming more and more popular than ever before thanks to the likes of Udemy, which is a website where universities and individuals can publish their courses.

If there is ever a place to find what it is your target audience wants to learn about, it is on the Udemy website.

All you need to do is go to the Udemy website, enter a relevant search term and browse through the relevant online courses.

For example, I used the search term “landing page” and found that people are paying up to £259 for content to help them improve their landing pages and ads which you can see from the list below.


If people are paying for these courses, surely they would want them for free?

This is a great way to create some winning lead magnet ideas.

4. Simply Ask The Contacts In Your Email List

If you want to know what you target audience wants to learn about and what goals and challenges they face then there is no better place to go than to your customer base.

Why not make the most of your existing customers by sending them survey style emails to find out what makes them tick, what they want more of and what they want less of.

Using the power of your existing customer base will help you attract new customers.

As well as survey style posts, you can also send them finished content that you have not published yet and ask their opinion.

Is there anything they would change? Is there information that they feel could have more explaining? Is it valuable to them?

These are questions you can ask them when sending them your unpublished content, but I wouldn’t bombard them with too many questions.

Make it easy for them to respond.

Not only will this help you refine your led magnet ideas but it will also help to build your relationships with your customers and keep them loyal.

It is a win-win situation for you, your target audience and your customers.

5. Use BuzzSumo To Find What Is Trending

Many marketers will always tell you to look at your Google Analytics to find which content on your blog is most popular to understand what works.

While there is nothing wrong with this advice, it is hard to do when you haven’t got much content on your blog or not enough data.

If this is you, then there is another tool you can use to help determine what content is working… BuzzSumo.

This very clever and useful online tool will tell you what topics are trending as well what key influencers are sharing that content.

If you discover a trending topic that is relevant to your niche, then it makes sense also to talk about that topic to join the trend.

All you need to do is go to the BuzzSumo website and enter a search term that is relevant to your niche.

This will then bring up a list of all relevant topics that are trending.

In the left-hand side of the BuzzSumo search results page, you will see that you can filter the results by the age of content.

If you want to find topics that are trending right now, then you can filter to only show posts that are published in the last 24 hours.

If you want to find a topic that has just generally worked no matter the timeframe then leave the results as it is or extend the dates.

As well filtering by the age of posts, you can also filter by the language, country and post type.

As you can see in the screenshot below, each post will provide you with how many times it was shared on each of the popular social networks as well as the total amounts of shares.

This is a clear indication of how well your target audience engages with content.



These 5 tips should give you plenty to get started on evolving your lead magnet strategy to give your opt-in rate a much-needed boost.

The more effort you put into your lead magnet strategy, the more you will reap the rewards.

If you put content up for the sake of it, then it isn’t going to get you the opt-in results you want.

What different lead magnet strategies and ideas have you tried?

Let me know by leaving your comments below.

Try These 7 Secrets You Can Use Immediately to Earn More & Work A Lot Less

6 0 04 Jun 2017

I admit it… It’s unusual.

Running a business in 2 hours work per day, with little desire to work more, is unusual to say the least.

I’ve dedicated a large portion of my time to mastering minimizing work.

... The lazy science: I.e. getting stuff done as good and as efficiently as possible.

In fact- People ask me all the time:

“Rob, what do you do? I never see you work.”

They’re wrong. Because I do work of course, I just work smart.

And many would say I have indeed got it down to a science. A science I’m about to give you.

These 7 life hacks are of use to everyone: Whether it’s an internet business you own OR group of optician practices OR setting up your first website OR providing services like photography OR even useful tips for studying through college.

Often people make the mistake of assuming this only applies to an ‘internet business’. That’s not true, these principles have helped many of my friends across many different industries… Because with the right plan and staff in place, almost any business can be run in a extremely focused few hours a day.

NOTE: I will not waste your time with buzz words like ‘10xing your business’, ’vision boards’ or ‘sticking to goals’. We all know we need goals, I won’t repeat stuff you’ve heard a thousand times over. I’ll only present real techniques I use every day.

So, how do I run my business working less than 2 hours a day?

Step 1 – OFF your communication.

secret to seven figures a year

If you’re going hard (and you’ll need to focus in order to get everything done in 2 hours flat), then you’ll need to achieve a new level of focus.

So let’s cut the crap right here-

Texting, talking and working don’t mix, especially with quality work.

We all do it, and as joyful as it is to have an excuse to procrastinate every few minutes… It massively interrupts your creative process and work flow. Example:

Page written uninterrupted. Time elapsed – 15 minutes.

Page written with texting breaks. Time elapsed –  90 minutes.

The difference is staggering.

So please, turn your phone off, or put it somewhere not in immediate reach.

You can’t be texting that new girl or guy you’re seeing and expect to focus on your latest project… It’s just not going to work. Stop kidding yourself and put the restriction in place now.

Hard rule: Turn off your phone or put it on silent in a drawer when you’re working.

This one tip alone will help you IMMENSELY if you can follow it through.


Step 2 – Proactive first, reactive later.


It is critical to your success that you realize the difference between proactive and reactive work.

Proactive is strategizing your latest takeover.

Reactive is replying to emails and the daily tasks that keep your business ticking over.

When your energy and focus is at it’s highest, you must use the time. It’s a gift. Be proactive. Doing ANY reactive work during this time is simply a waste.

Get to the meat FIRST and leave the filler for later. And if you’ve got so much ‘filler’ that it clouds your mind from the good stuff, then your running your company wrong- It’s time to hire an assistant or an employee for whatever is DRAINING most of your time.

I always do proactive work as a priority, and save the reactive for when I’m feeling tired. Because it requires significantly less focus, and can be done kind of ‘half assed’.

Stop taking forever to answer each email or muck around fixing things that are already ‘good enough’…

Stop procrastinating and focus on the REAL stuff you need to be doing – Whether that’s studying up on the latest techniques, building affiliate websites or getting new clients for your consulting company.


Step 3 – The computer is for work. Nothing else.


This is a big one.

In order to cut down your work day to 2 hours, your computer needs to become a tool for work, communication and nothing else.

Stop wasting time on facebook, stop messing around on Skype and for heavens sake STOP watching youtube or other more ‘adult’ videos.

Then when you do sit down at the computer, all there will be to do is get stuff done.

No more distractions. And the best part is your brain will actually become accustomed to this and you’ll become more productive.

Now I’ll admit I’m a bit loose on this one and do often get distracted watching football clips on Youtube (my one vice) but hey… I do my best 🙂

Step 4- Claim back your lost hours by hiring… smart.

For the business owners among you, this is huge.

… And I’m not talking about hiring ‘good quality employees’. I think that’s an obvious one and like I said, I’m not going to waste your time with mediocre advice.

Obviously though, quick note: Be very selective when hiring a new individual. Hiring a bad (or lazy) egg can often go fully un-noticed how badly they are performing for YEARS and can cost even a small business hundreds of thousands in lost productivity.

But no, the tip I want to give you here, is hire with one goal in mind- To give YOURSELF back hours in the day.

We’re all guilty of it at one point:

That one stupid activity you find yourself doing over and over, that takes up all your time, and takes time AWAY from doing the proactive good work.

Whether it’s graphic design…
Scheduling clients…
Editing videos…
Coding websites…
Unnecessary travel…

All these things, likely pretty much EVERYTHING you do (expect big decisions and networking) can be done by someone else if you hire someone of sufficient skill.

It’s a mad concept. But think about it for a second.

And providing your business is stable and can support another staff member, then you’re only doing yourself a DIS-service by not hiring an extra person.


Because you’re spending your time doing tasks that could be done by someone else which would free up your time to do more important things, like work on new projects and ideas. Or heck, more time to sit around and do nothing, if you’re more the content-with-what-you’ve-got type.

Step 5 – Designate a ‘work time’ each day and be REALISTIC.

Did you know the first 45 minutes when you wake up is when your brain is at it’s most creative state for the day?

In fact, this is often when I like to get new projects (proactive work) underway. In the mornings.

And then there’s times when you shouldn’t work at all.

For example, I can’t work at night anymore.

… I don’t know why, I just get tired. I want to socialize or chill out in the evening. The last thing I want to do is sit staring at a screen hoping for pages to come to life.

So now, unless it’s an emergency, I don’t.

And it’s that simple! Pick the times of day you feel most inspired and most full of energy and designate THAT as your work time. The morning is great because your mind is fresh and you get it out of the way ready for an enjoyable rest of the day.

At the same time, be STRICT with yourself. Like the last point, If you’re sitting down for 2 hours to work, then you better work. Don’t sit there for half of that time browsing Facebook.

Step 6 – Getting inspired by increasing your alone time.


Creativity and inspiration have been the life blood of my business.

I’m not talking about painting. Coming up with new ideas is the key not only to the growth of your business, but it’s very survival.

Whatever your game is, you need to stay on top of it. Ahead of the curve.

And this is my number one secret for getting inspired and being creative right here. Every one of my business ideas have stemmed from alone time like this.

Without question, uninterrupted long stints alone are when I get my absolute BEST work done. These are great inspirational and reflective times for any business owner.

There are numerous ways you can achieve this:

A few days away from your ordinary life can have a phenomenal effect. New surroundings and none of your usual distractions can give you some great ideas.

Go for a walk. So simple but so effective. There’s no better way to break procrastination like this. Exercise triggers the brain and allows the mind to focus much clearer when you do find yourself once more in front of the computer.

Or you can do this without going anywhere. Spend at least an hour in your own office or at home on your own each day. This is critical to you analyzing and running a successful business.

Don’t underestimate this, you need to be strict and give the mind ROOM to wander, only then will it present you with new ideas and opportunities.

Step 7 – Reward.










Yep, you’ve worked a solid 2 hours…? If it’s been 2 hours of intense brain activity with no breaks… Then you’ve earned it. Seriously.

Even though it might seem ridiculous, 2 hours of PROPER work can be a long time. And it’s important you reward yourself.

Try something outside too.

I can’t tell you how hard it is to sit around watching movies and then to transition back to working, especially if you’re still at home.

You need to get out, in order to be focused when your sitting down.

Exercise if you can. It really does help IMMENSELY with work. It doesn’t have to be an all out 2 hour triathlon. But even a walk in the park will help with your mental clarity, so that when you do sit down, you’ll be focused and ready to kick the days ass.


These are the seven simple every day principles I always try to utilize to enable me to run my businesses in just 2 hours a day.

They may seem simple on paper, but have the discipline to actually put them into action and your business will reap huge rewards.

It’s all about the discipline:

You must actually use these for them to have an effect.

Go ahead, try one or two of them out. If it helps, just commit to doing it for a week at this stage. But start it now, and I guarantee you’ll notice an effect quite profound.

11 Headline Ideas For Your Autoresponder Sequence You Can Plug In And Use Today

68 0 09 Apr 2017

Headlines represent arguably the most important aspect of any email marketing campaign.

They’re easy to screw up as you can only work with so few words at once.

Thankfully we’ve outlined 11 headline ideas that you can plug in to any autoresponder series to keep your leads hungry and asking for more. 

If you put one hundred master copywriters in a room and asked them “what is the most important aspects of any given sales pitch or marketing message,” chances are they’d all have the same answer.


Take it from marketing revolutionary and millionaire mastermind David Ogilvy, who noted that five times as many readers will read a headline versus any body copy.

For marketing messages, you can almost view your headline or subject line as 80% of the work, with the body and other elements representing the final 20%.

Sounds like hyperbole, doesn’t it? However, the numbers don’t lie regarding how much headlines can ultimately make or break any marketing campaign.

For starters, consider the following regarding email subject lines:

The importance of a proper headline cannot be overstated.

After all, juicy headlines will hook readers from the word “go;” however, flat headlines will cause our messages to get ignored entirely (or perhaps worse: end up in the spam folder).

This is especially crucial when creating email autoresponders, which are vital to any sales funnel but extremely easy to overlook.

But what if there was a repository of proven headline strategies based on previously successful marketing campaigns you could simply plug in to your next series?

Well, you’re in luck.

Remember first and foremost the ultimate goals of your headlines in terms of your autoresponders.

When you keep these principles in mind, you’ll find that your headlines are much less daunting to craft.

The purpose of your headlines should be to do a combination of the following:

  • Grab the attention of your audience at a glance
  • Pique their curiosity and encourage them to read more
  • Show that you’re paying attention to your readers’ wants and needs

Don’t let your autoresponders get stuck in the trash.

Bear in mind that some of these will perform better than others based on your industry.

It always pays to do some competitive analysis to see what your neighbors are up to; however, consider any of the following as fair game.

Newsletter corporate vector layout template for business or non-profit organization

 “Hey ____.”

 While it’s easy to overthink your autoresponder headlines, remember that sometimes simplicity is key.

After all, shorter headlines tend to have a high open rate versus those which drones on and on.

Likewise, lengthy subject lines can get cut off by mobile devices if you’re not careful.

There’s plenty of power in a simple greeting message: saying “hey” to your customer not only makes you seem more human but also makes your email seem like less of a sales pitch.

Also, personalization is a surefire way to encourage engagement.

“My favorite trick. You should try it, too.”

Your messages aren’t all about you or your brand: they’re about your audience and what they need.

“You” is one of the sweetest words your leads could possibly hope to hear.

After all, subject lines containing “you” typically get more opens and click-throughs, although it’s not a strategy you should abuse.

In short, this subject line also works to pique your readers’ curiosity and gets them asking questions.

What’s the trick?

Is it simple?

Why is it your favorite?

They’ll find out when they click.

This simple subject line is loaded with implications, including the fact that you’re sharing valuable information with your audience and have other tricks up your sleeve (therefore positioning yourself as an expert and resource).

When using such a subject line, however, make sure that whatever is in the body copy delivers on the subject line (an awesome trick, in this case).

“I was broke until I learned this.”

Marketers should always strive to give tidbits of information and education to their base.

Additionally, empathizing with your audience’s struggles works to create an emotional connection that tugs at your leads’ heartstrings.

Talking about money or status, for example, is a huge psychological trigger that helps your readers relate to you and understand that you were once in their shoes.

With this message, potential riches are only a click away in the eyes of your readers.


Photo Credits: Kopywriting Kourse

“This one’s just for you.”

Your audience wants to feel special, plain and simple.

This subject line ticks the box of exclusivity marketing, implying that the information you’re providing is only out there for your subscribers.

Such a headline is short, sweet and makes your reader feel like a million bucks.

Whether the information or offer is truly being exclusive is moot: what matters is making your subscribers feel like they’re part of your inner circle.

“The clock is ticking, _____.”

Urgency represents one of the top triggers is marketing that drives your readers to act sooner rather than later.

This subject line not only sparks interest in whatever you’re offering but also creates a subtle fear of loss which can be an incredibly powerful motivator.

After all, your prospects could be receiving hundreds of emails per day: think about how such a subject line could help you stand out from the crowd.

Amplify your urgency copy by linking your emails to a landing page with a countdown timer for an added sense of rushing your reader to convert. You can create landing page like this with the help of ClickFunnels. All you need to is to go to your funnel, create a new step, design your landing page and drag and drop the countdown timer element. It’s that easy!


“Only ____ spots left. Do you have yours?”

Beyond urgency, scarcity can also be used to drive engagement as your readers are forced to decide on the spot.

Limited time offers are a tried-and-tested means of getting users to act.

Additionally, the question posed at the tail of this subject line represents a sort of invitation which further entices the reader to get on the ground floor of your offer.

“This works about 90% of this time.”

Another important aspect of headlines is including numerical values, which are easy for the brain to process in an instant.

This headline not only gets your reader asking questions but sets relatively realistic expectations for your offer or information.

Not all systems or strategies are going to work 100% of the time: your prospects know this.

However, 90% of the time is damn good and worth considering, isn’t it?

“How I stopped worrying and saved my business.”

If you have opt-ins, chances are they want some sort of problem solved.

In the case of this example, it’s monetary woes which plague just about everyone starting out in the business world.

Don’t neglect power words such as “worrying” and “saved” which spark immediate emotional images.

Since you must be incredibly economical with your copy, make every word count.

“Does this sound like you, _____?”

Questions go a long way regarding headlines.

Regardless of the content of such a message, your reader is naturally curious as to what you’re talking about.

Feel free to pose such questions to your base if you have a relatively short, non-offer related message or simply want to pick their brains.

“Did you hear the big news?”

Sometimes you need to break some news if you want to catch your readers’ attention.

While your goal shouldn’t be to trick your prospects, there are tons of angles you can take with this one.

From a steep offer to a newsjacking piece which touches on current events, strive to be creative with the direction of your deals and body copy.


Photo Credits: Creative Content Company

 “____, you’re missing out.”

Nobody wants to feel like they’re on the outside looking in.

As noted earlier, fear of loss can drive your leads in just about any direction.

This subject line encourages your reader to want to be part of the crowd while simultaneously piquing their curiosity.

Such a headline would be the ideal of a free informational offer or hack to help them out.

 What Headlines Perform Best for Your Funnel?

There are millions of examples out there regarding headlines that make your readers act.

The 11 outlined above can easily be plugged into just about any sales funnel in any industry if you’re looking for results.

Whether you feel like you’re in a creative dry spell or simply need some inspiration, review the list above again and start brainstorming.

If you’re still feeling iffy about creating your own headlines or you do not have the time or budget to hire a copywriter, then give Funnel Scripts a try!

So, what types of headlines are you using your autoresponders?

What are the some of your personal favorites you’ve seen pop up in your inbox?

Let us know!

Getting Started With Actionetics Step By Step

7 0 17 Mar 2017

ClickFunnel’s hosts a powerful suite of tools that can kickstart your online marketing efforts.

Let’s talk about Actionetics.

Actionetics is ClickFunnel’s automation platform that does not only cater to emails alone, but also to SMS with the Twilio integration. What makes this platform possible is that it takes automation into a new level with its roster of features that help you know more about your market, communicate with your market, automate your communication with your market, etc.

If you’re already using Actionetics, then you know how fantastic this tool is. If you haven’t, then allow me to say that you’re missing out on a lot. You can do away with the clutter of using different tools to communicate with your market with Actionetics.

Importing your contacts with Actionetics

With Actionetics, adding your existing contacts to the platform is made easy. All you need to do is to go to Actionetics > Contact Profiles > click Import Contacts > upload your file > map out your columns > review your entries > click Upload.



This features makes adding your contacts from your old email marketing application easier as compared to other platforms where procedures are either complicated or there is a tendency for data to be missing.


Creating new tags

ClickFunnels recently introduced tags into their powerful automation arsenal. What makes tags perfectly awesome is that they let marketers hyper-segment their email list even further beyond email list segmentation.

What are tags, you ask? Tags let you classify your contacts further according to their actions in your funnel. By adding tags to your customer’s profile, you get to store critical information about your customers interests, purchases, or actions which you can use in the future to send them targeted marketing messages.

To get the tag feature rolling into your funnels, you need to set it into specific steps in your action funnels where you want a respective tag to be added into your contact. To do this, in your page editor, go to Settings > Integrations> Select Actionetics as an Integration > Add Tag and add the your tag.



From here, you can use tags as triggers in your Action Funnels. All you have to do is go to Action Funnels > Select which Action Funnel you want to edit > Select the Step you want to add tags as criteria > Select Contacts > Choose Has Tag.


This feature is particularly useful if you want a particular action or behaviour based on the tags you set in your funnel steps to trigger an action funnel step.

Setting up your first action funnel

If you’re already familiar with Actionetics, then you know how powerful action funnels can be. Action funnels allows you to dig deeper and be as technical as you’d like to be with your email list. Through Action Funnels, you can create custom groups and set them as triggers in order for an action to be done.

What are custom groups?


Custom groups act as triggers to begin a certain action funnel (internal or external actions) when the criteria has been met by a contact. As of now, there are 7 custom group categories:

1. Social. This lets you filter and set your custom group according to a specific number of following or followers of any social network.


2. Contact. This custom group lets you filter your action steps according to country, zip code or state.


3. Funnel. This custom group lets you filter your step according to page visited or not visited.


4. Product. This custom group lets you filter triggers for action steps according to those who bought or did not buy a product to inform them of new offers.


5. Broadcasts. This custom group lets you filter triggers for your action steps according to your email list who opened, did not open, click or never clicked a broadcast.


6. Lists. This custom group filters a particular step in your action funnel according to whether the contact belongs or does not belong to a list.


7. Email Step. This custom group lets you trigger a step on any action funnel according to whether an email step on an action funnel was opened, not opened, clicked or not clicked.


Note: The number of custom groups you can for any step of your action funnel is not limited to just you. You can choose to set multiple triggers.

To create a new action funnel, all you have to do is to Login to your ClickFunnels account > Go to Actionetics > Action Funnels > Create a New Funnel > Add action funnel name > Click Create New Action Funnel > Add New Step OR populate the existing email template > Clickc Add Rule Group to set the trigger of a particular action funnel step.

Building your first autoresponder

Autoresponders are a great way for marketers to automatically connect and send messages to their customers as soon as they perform an action that triggers sending the autoresponse. It can be anything as simple as an order confirmation or a signup confirmation, to a more complex series of emails when a visitor signs up to a particular email list.

Setting up your email lists is the first step to get your autoresponders going. The next is to craft your emails to go as autoresponders.

To do this, all you have to do is to Go to Actionetics > Broadcasts > New Email Broadcast.


Enter the information needed.


Choose from the available templates and edit accordingly. Click “Save and Send Test” afterwards to see what your autoresponder looks like when it’s sent as an email.


What’s Next?

As soon as you’ve gotten the hang of these Actionetics features, you’ll find how it adds value to your marketing communications. These features are particularly useful for targeted messages, letting you send out personalized messages to any segment of your market.

Of course, a good marketing or sales copy is also essential to your marketing communications. If you’re already used to creating marketing copy, then good! You’re well on your way to mastering Actionetics. But if you feel that you’re not up to copywriting, there are always various ways to go about it.

Funnel Scripts is ClickFunnel’s copywriting application that lets you create well-written and personalised marketing and sales copies! If you haven’t got a copy of Funnel Scripts yet, then click here to register.

Have you tried out these Action Funnel features yet?

Try them out and tell us your experience by commenting below!